Appalachian Centre for Transformation was birthed out of the incredible move of God that occurred on May 2nd., 2004, in Manchester/Clay Co. Kentucky.


The City/County was known as the pain-killer capital of the United States.  Drug dealing and public corruption controlled the town and county.

A group of concerned Christians began to pray for God to intervene in the Fall of 2003.  As Pastors and citizens began to pray on Saturday mornings, the Lord began to reveal His plan.


On a cold wet Sunday afternoon on May 2, 2004 a crowd in excess of 3500 persons representing 63 churches in Clay Co., Ky. marched for the Glory of God and against drugs and public corruption.  As the Pastors began to repent for their lack of concern for the people and for putting their energy into their denominations, buildings, and their own programs – the manifest presence of God came into the park where the rally was held.


Almost immediately things began to change.  The Sentinel Group under the direction of George Otis made a 2 hour DVD called Appalachian Dawn (The Story of Manchester, Ky.).


You can order the DVD Appalachian Dawn at our web store. 


The rest is history.  Christian Broadcasting Network estimates that the “March” has been seen by more than 40 million people around the world.

The Key to the Lord coming in such a powerful way was desperation and repentance.  God heard the prayers of the people as the church began to work and pray together.  Biblical Unity was the result.


In January 2007, the newly elected Christian Mayor read a “Proclamation and declared Manchester, Kentucky as the “City of Hope”.

As bad as the darkness was – the lack of the light (from God’s people) was more of a problem.Hundreds of people have journeyed to Manchester from all over the world to hear and experience what God did in Manchester.

Please contact us for more information of the amazing story of what God did in a small Appalachian town in Eastern Kentucky.  TO GOD BE THE GLORY!



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