March Seen Around the World

On a cold rainy day, Sunday, May 2, 2004, 63 Churches & Pastors and hundreds of citizens marched through the city streets of Manchester, Kentucky declaring ENOUGH to drug dealing & public corruption that allowed it to happen.

At the end of the March, at the Rally in the City Park, Pastors repented for being more concerned for their buildings, programs, and their denominations, the manifest SPIRIT OF GOD settled in the park and everything began to change.

In 2005, Wendy Griffith, with Christian Broadcasting Network (CBN) came to report the “Story of Manchester” to the world.  Three stories and two years later, it has been estimated that approximately 40 million people have viewed the MARCH SEEN AROUND THE WORLD.

In August 2010, George Otis and the Sentinel Group produced ‘APPALACHIAN DAWN’ – the story of Manchester.  It’s a 2 hour docu-drama retelling the story.  (You can purchase the DVD in our store.)