On this second day of May in the year of our Lord 2004, we the Christians of Clay County, Kentucky under the sovereign guidance of and in obedience to the one and only God of heaven and earth, in order to provide for the common good, promote the general well being and secure our Creators blessing of life and liberty to all our citizens do covenant to stand united in opposition to any and all illegal or improper use of drugs, alcohol, or any other destructive substance or practice.

With this statement, we who represent the various Christian fellowships in Clay County, publicly confess that we have failed to consistently demonstrate the love and power of Jesus Christ in our communities.  We refuse to continue to sit quietly as this spiritual scourge proliferates around us and even among us.  As the Body of Christ, we enthusiastically agree to cooperate to lovingly minister to our men, women, boys, and girls who are unwilling victims as well as those who are willing participants in these life robbing activities.  We purpose to repent and turn from an attitude of complacency and a practice of apathy.  We humbly commit ourselves to prayer and to action.

As ambassadors for Christ and as representatives of born again believers, we the pastors and leaders of the churches of Clay County do solemnly publish and declare that from this date forward we pledge to lovingly but firmly and under the Lordship of our Savior Jesus Christ battle this cancer with all its varied and far-reaching tentacles.  It is our deep desire that each one in Clay County might know that a relationship with Jesus Christ is the solution to all of our needs.  We invite the citizens of our county to watch for the proofs of what we say as we show all of our county how we love Christ and how we love one another.

This document was signed by pastors and leaders of the body of Christ Manchester/Clay County Kentucky.

Christians for a Drug Free Clay County